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Musician Adam Roth ’80 dies at 57

As reported in the NY Daily News, Adam Roth, 57, died Wednesday, December 16 from cancer. Roth attended Emerson College in the late 1970s.

In a 2011 interview for the website, Denis Leary ’79 talked about his longtime friend and particularly about collaborating with Roth while at Emerson, which included the comedy band The Enablers and the comedy troupe Comedy Workshop. He also shared that Roth composed most of the music for his FX series Rescue Me.

At one time a member of the Boston-based band Del Fuegos, Roth also worked with musicians Jim Carroll, David JoHanson, and Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando.

“Our creative lives were cemented by our friendships and our experiences at Emerson. Nearly forty years later, we kept each other laughing,” said friend, comedian Eddie Brill ’80. “Adam is still very alive in our hearts and minds.”

Musician, composer, producer Adam Roth ’80

His numerous contributions to the music world and to a variety of entertainment industries as a beloved guitarist, composer, and producer is highlighted extensively in articles written about his passing. He is also remembered for his sense of humor and great generosity to those in need.

In the NY Daily News piece, Leary says, “I’m not going to mourn the time I didn’t get to have with him. I’m just so grateful for the 40 years I got to spend with him.”

Roth is survived by his partner Marta Maletz, their son, his brother and his parents.

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