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BLT Recruiting visits Emerson LA

Students and alumni gained job hunting, networking, and brand-building tips from representatives of BLT Recruiting on June 25 during the first-ever recruitment event at Emerson Los Angeles.

Francesa Cohn, founder of BLT Recruiting, a firm specializing in placing top talent at creative agencies, began the evening sharing stories and advice on how the audience of nearly 50 students and alumni should brand themselves. 

“The way you brand a company is no different than how you brand yourself,” said Cohn.


Francesa Cohn and Allyson Nevil of BLT Recruiting at Emerson Los Angeles on June 25. (Photo by Daryl Paranada)

Recruiter Allyson Nevil offered more practical tips on creating a website, perfecting your resume, and how to successfully network.

“The best websites I see, I can tell right away who the person is,” said Nevil.

At the end of the evening, audience members were able to ask questions and get personal time with the recruiters. Recent graduate Michael Doppel ’15 made sure to take advantage of his time with Cohn and Nevil.

“I found this event very insightful because I never really thought about how I’d brand myself,” said Doppel, who’s currently working in retail while trying to find work in the industry.

Doppel and his roommate, Sarah Dompkowski ’15, recently moved to the San Fernando Valley.  To keep their creativity flowing, they created a mini writer’s colony and motivate each other with Post-it notes.  

Paul Suda ’07, an actor, said that the advice he heard wasn’t new, but that he needed to hear it again.

“It reminded me that this isn’t just a miserable struggle. It’s something you can turn into a positive,” said Suda. “It’s very empowering.”


The BLT Recruiting discussion event at Emerson Los Angeles was well attended. (Photo by Daryl Paranada)

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