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Communication Studies students travel to Malaysia

Globe Com

Students from Emerson's Communication Studies Department joined students from around the world at the Global Communication Project conference in Malaysia this month. (Courtesy Photo)

Two Communication Studies students were on the top-winning teams in the final competition of the 11th annual Global Communication Project (GlobCom) conference in Borneo, Malaysia, which was held June 4–8.

Tina Safford ’18, a Political Communication major, and Michael Whitecar, MA ’18, a Communication Management major, were on the winning teams.

The students were tasked with creating public relations campaigns for a global client. This year’s client was the World Wildlife Federation, and the campaigns focused on tourism and ecology in Borneo, one of the world’s most pristine jungle areas.

Along with Safford and Whitecar, three other Emerson students attended GlobCom along with Associate Professor and Communication Studies Chair Gregory Payne: Sabrina Thulander ’16; Nichelle Lyster ’16; and Seth Villavicencio ’16.

More than 30 Emerson students were involved in the public relations project leading up to the presentation at GlobCom this month, according to Payne.

Last year’s GlobCom conference was held at Emerson College.

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