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Self-defense for men, women offered

RAD_men_logo_thumbThe Emerson College Police Department has announced it is now offering Resisting Aggression with Defense (RAD) courses for men and women in the coming weeks.

The department has regularly provided the self-defenses classes for women, but is now extending the courses to men due to increased interest.

The next RAD for Women course is scheduled for Friday, March 20–Sunday, March 22, in Studio 4 of the Paramount Center. Email to sign up. (See complete schedule below.)

The new RAD for Men course is scheduled for Monday, April 6–Wednesday, April 8, in Studio 7, Room 421, of the Paramount Center. Email to sign up. (See complete schedule below.)

At this time, Emerson cannot offer RAD classes on a gender-neutral basis because the RAD program is governed by a national board, and RAD instructors are only permitted to teach the curriculum that has been developed by that national board.

Both male and female RAD trainings are open to all students, faculty, and staff. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and footwear. It’s also recommended that participants attend all three classes (see schedule below) in order to complete the course.

RAD for Men

RAD for Men will be held Monday, April 6, Tuesday, April 7, and Wednesday, April 8, 5:00–8:00 pm, in Studio 7, Room 421, of the Paramount Center. The course offers hands-on training designed to teach basic self-defense techniques.

The Myriam Miedzian book Boys Will Be Boys indicates 50 percent of all men will be hit or punched in their lifetime. Everyone has the right to be safe on and off campus. This course will educate participants about choices one may make to reduce violence, provide participants with educational and physical options when they find themselves in confrontational situations, and is designed to empower men to make informed decisions when confronted with aggressive behavior.

RAD for Women

RAD for Women will be held Friday, March 20, 7:00–10:00 pm, and Saturday, March 21, 10:00 am–1:00 pm, in Room 333, Studio 4, of the Paramount Center and Sunday, March 22, 10:00 am–1:00 pm, in Room 324, Studio 4, of the Paramount Center.

Sexual misconduct and assault is an issue many college and university communities are facing. Everyone has the right to be safe. No one deserves to be harmed and only the person who commits the harmful act is responsible for that behavior. RAD training is an opportunity to learn more about how to reduce your risks of harm for yourself and the community.

Participants will be trained to be alert for aggressive behavior, to recognize how this behavior negatively impacts lives, to take steps to avoid aggressive behavior, and to look at how everyone can be part of reducing violence and aggression.

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