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Student ’Peter Pan’ prequel highly attended

Polly Hilton '15 and Brian Dratch '15 talk about writing Follow My Light, which they describe as a dark prequel to Peter Pan. The play was performed in front of a full capacity crowd on February 23. (Video by Nick Eaton '17)

Two Performing Arts students who wrote a dark prequel to the classic play Peter Pan, titled Follow My Light, saw their brainchild performed by the Musical Theatre Society of Emerson College in shows at the Cabaret on February 22 and 23.

The final show reached full capacity.


Cast members of Follow My Light: Jesse Harte '17, Lexi Lewis '17, Zack Holden '18, Haley Mason '17, Anthony Zambito '18, Tori Beudoin '16, and Sydney Torres '18. (Photo by Nick Eaton '17)

Polly Hilton ’15 and Brian Dratch ’15, who wrote the play for more than a year and a half, received support from the Student Production Fund in the Fall 2014 semester after writing Follow My Light.

“It was a lot of fun,” Dratch said. “We cast 11 wonderful actors and had some amazing designers work on it.”


Ari Conte '15 performs in Follow My Light. (Photo by Nick Eaton '17)

Follow My Light tells the story of Peter, the angel of youth, and his sidekick, Cappella, as they guide the souls of children to heaven. It also shows what happens when Peter breaks the rules by bringing a boy back with him to Neverland.

Peter Pan is my favorite book of all time,” Hilton said. “There’s one line of text…[that says] when children died, he went part of the way with them to heaven. I was really curious about this line and kind of infatuated with it.”


Zack Holden '18 and Anthony Zambito '18 perform in Follow My Light. (Photo by Nick Eaton '17)


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