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Reid ’18 in national figure skate competition


Alexandra Reid '18 is competing in the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships from February 25-28 in Rhode Island. (Coutesy Photo)

Alexandra Reid ’18 is not your average college student. When she is not in the classroom or working her part-time job as a retail associate at American Eagle, she is busy gliding on ice as a figure skater. 

The Journalism major is competing in the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships in Rhode Island on February 25–28 with a team from The Skating Club of Boston.

“We are working our butts off for this competition,” she said. “I’ll never forget the journey my team has taken.”

Reid, who works on the Emerson Channel, first participated in a skating competition at age 5. The Medford, New Jersey, native says that figure skating was the first thing she wrote about in her essay application for Emerson.

“I see myself going into some type of broadcast journalism,” Reid said. “I think it would be really cool to incorporate the sport with my major. ­­­Tara Lipinski is one of my idols. She’s now a figure skating commentator and she’s one of the best that there is in the sport.”

Reid is dedicated to figure skating. She has suffered a few injuries during her career, including a broken foot, which caused her to miss practices.


Alexandra Reid '18 (Courtesy Photo)

“In order to make up that time, I would sit on the side and take notes and make sure that I was keeping up with everything,” she said.

“Coming to Emerson, I had no intentions of actually skating,” Reid said. “The Skating Club of Boston popped up on this website, and I clicked on it. It said they were currently holding auditions and tryouts for the 2014–2015 season. I figured I might as well go for it.”

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