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ELA students work Super Bowl Halftime Show

Super Bowl 1

Chen Xu '15, Joshua Waterman '15, P. Brendhan Geraghty '15, and Taylor Kissin '15, work behind the scenes of the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show. (Courtesy Photo)

A few lucky seniors at Emerson College Los Angeles who formerly worked for the Emerson Channel recently had the opportunity of a lifetime: working as talent escorts for the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show, which gave them full access to the stadium and allowed them to shadow television production workers.

“The entire experience was absolutely life changing. I met so many industry professionals and it was so nice to see how close they were. It was like a family,” said Taylor Kissin ’15.

Kissin, Chen Xu ’15, P. Brendhan Geraghty ’15, and Joshua Waterman ’15 were chosen by Diana Barton, manager of the Emerson Channel and part-time faculty member in Visual and Media Arts. The four students had to write a paper explaining why they wanted to attend and how they were qualified.

Barton was able to provide the opportunity for the students through Robert Paine ’92, who was a producer for this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

“Our primary job was to work as [production assistants] for the talent department,” Kissin said. “That included organizing Katy Perry’s dressing room, restocking food and water for dancers, and carting guest celebrities to the stadium, among other things.”

Super Bowl 2

P. Brendhan Geraghty '15Joshua Waterman '15, and Taylor Kissin '15, at the site of Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona. (Courtesy Photo)

Barton received rave reviews from members of the Super Bowl’s talent department regarding the students’ work.

“I got emails from producers that said they couldn’t have managed without them,” she said.

Kissin, a self-proclaimed “huge Patriots fan,” was more than happy to be of assistance and is incredibly thankful for his experience.

“Getting to work side by side with them, seeing how the entire experience works and to actually be at what will be known as perhaps the greatest day of my life was so rewarding,” Kissin said. “It has made the Emerson Los Angeles experience completely worth it and perhaps helped me gain work for the future.”

Barton hopes to make the sending of students to the Super Bowl an annual event because she believes the benefits are endless.

“This is really good for the College,” Barton said. “It shows how great our students are and how well they can hold themselves professionally.”

Pat Peyton Martell ’84, chair of the Emerson Alumni Association, invited the students to stay at her Phoenix-area home during the trip.

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