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Patriots parade rolls by Emerson campus

Emerson and the city of Boston were alive with pride for the New England Patriots on February 4 as the Super Bowl XLIX champions paraded through downtown Boston past the Emerson main campus on Boylston and Tremont streets.

“It’s awesome,” said Emry Rockenfeld ’18. “Watching the whole city band together is really cool.”

Rockenfeld, who is from Denver, wore a Patriots jersey during the parade.

“I’ve never been a Broncos fan but I’ve always been a Pats fan!” Rockenfeld said. “I used to get shunned in Denver!”

Patriots 8

Emerson students Kaylee Largay '18, Tessa Maguire '18, Scott Dennis '18, and Emry Rockenfeld '18 watch the parade outside the Walker Building on Boylston Street. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

Tyler Salomon ’15 and his friend from Boston College, Jackie Surdan, said before the parade they were most excited to see the Super Bowl trophy pass by. It would be in their presence moments later—in the hands of Patriots owner Bob Kraft as he traveled by on a parade float.

“And just seeing Gronk and Brady would be awesome,” Salomon said.

Player Rob Gronkowski—who visited an Emerson social media class in 2012—was one of the more lively parade attendees. He jumped out of his float in front of Emerson’s Little Building and ran around Boylston Street for fans.

Another spotlight-stealer was player Julian Edelman—another familiar face at Emerson—as he sat on the edge of his float and tossed footballs to cheering fans.


New England Patriots mascot and cheerleaders. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

Saloman was setting up to film the parade with a GoPro camera as he recounted watching Sunday’s big game with Surdan and other friends.

“The minute that [game-winning] interception happened we were jumping up and down, screaming and hugging,” Saloman said.

“I’m pretty sure I broke something,” Surdan said.

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