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6 Reasons We’re Glad Winter Break is Over

It's been a long month away from Boston for many students. Some of us traveled to warmer locations while many of us stuck around to brave the frigid New England winter. But regardless of where we were for the break, most Emersonians agree that it’s high time to return to campus for a new semester.

Here are six serious and not-so-serious reasons why we're excited to be back:  



1. “I'm excited for studying while learning to keep myself alive in snowstorms.” – Evan Slead ’15 



2. “I'm excited for having really deep conversations with friends at three in the morning, while equally contemplating why the best conversations are only at three in the morning, and ‘If I go to sleep right now, I can get two hours before I absolutely have to be awake.”’ – Erick Breckenridge ’18



3. “I'm excited to come back to Emerson…except I'll be at Emerson halfway across the world! The Kasteel Well program offers countless opportunities for colorful European excursions. I can't wait!” – Mimi Walker ’16



4. “I'm excited because these are the best people to make fun of bad TV with.” – Phillip Morgan ’18 



5. “I'm excited to get started on another successful semester of Emertainment Monthly by welcoming new members and welcoming back returning members!” – Shannon O’Connor ’16



6. “I'm excited to reunite with my fabulous friends!” – Alexandra Bender ’16 


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