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Colbert bids farewell

herzogThursday, December 18, marks the last broadcast of The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert.  

After hosting the popular Comedy Central news satire program, Colbert will take the helm at the Late Show, replacing David Letterman. 

Emerson alumnus and trustee Doug Herzog ’81 (pictured) president of Viacom Entertainment and creator of Comedy Central, applauds Colbert’s achievements as the show comes to an end. “Stephen is a brilliant talent, and comedic genius. What he has accomplished over the last nine years will never be equaled. We are going to miss him dearly,” said Herzog.

Check out the Comedy Central site for the “Colbert Countdown,” featuring some of the show’s top moments. Emerson alumni Opus Moreschi '00 is the head writer for the show and Eric Drysdale ’93 is a writer on the show.

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