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Tocci curates Lou Jones photo exhibit

TocciNow through October 10 at the Joan Resnikoff Gallery at Roxbury Community College is an exhibit of stunning photography taken on road trips across the globe, curated by Emerson Assistant Professor Mirta Tocci.

Road Warrior: Pictorial Scenes from Around the World showcases work by Boston-based photographer Lou Jones, who Tocci says has an “impeccable” sense of composition.

“His work always tells a story—about an event, a culture, an individual,” Tocci said. “He often shoots subjects in motion, and yet he always manages to juxtapose life in motion with the interior life, often in the same frame. He shows us the remarkable in the ordinary.”

Jones has worked as a photographer for global corporations, including Nike, Federal Express, and the Barr Foundation; small businesses; and publications, including Time, National Geographic, and Paris Match.

Jones, Lou

Boston photographer Lou Jones (Photo from

The award-winning photographer has launched several long-term photo projects on the civil wars of Central America, capital punishment, and the Olympic games.

Tocci, who is faculty in Emerson’s Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies and who has worked as a curator at the Resnikoff Gallery since 2010, said she was introduced to Jones’ work in 2013 when he was a faculty member at Roxbury Community College. She curated another exhibit showcasing his work — Every Color Has a Different Song — last year.

Jones exhibit

Photo from Road Warrior exhibit. (Photo from Roxbury Community College)

Jones is now working on an extensive photographic study Africa, titled, panAFRICA project.

“His objective is to create a contemporary, visual portrait of modern Africa that represents each of the 54 individual countries devoid of the preconceived, Western notions of distress: conflict, pestilence, and poverty, i.e., ‘violence tourism,’” Tocci said. “The gift he has is to make us see the world, particularly the African and African American experience, in a new way. I look forward to exhibiting work from the project as it unfolds.” 

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