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Paramount, Cutler lit blue

Emerson joined scores of institutions worldwide by joining the Light It Up Blue campaign for autism awareness on April 2.

Paramount Autism Awareness

The Paramount Center lit up blue for World Autism Awareness Day on the evening of April 2. (Photo by Michelle Kwong '15)

Several students stopped by a table set up in the Little Building by the Office of Student Accessibility Services to help connect students to academic and peer mentoring programs, as well as research projects and volunteer opportunities related to autism.

autism table

A student inquires about autism-related research and volunteer opportunities with Stephanie Hubbell of Emerson's Student Accessibility Services Office at a table in the Little Building on April 2. (Photo by Maya Rafie '17)

The Paramount Center and Cutler Majestic Theatre were lit up blue as a show of support for World Autism Awareness Day in conjunction with the Autism Speaks organization. The Cutler display was included in a slideshow on

Emerson is home to ongoing autism-related research in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department.


The Cutler Majestic sign on the evening of April 2. (Photo by Michelle Kwong '15)

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