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Recent graduates win Peabody Award

Elaine McMillion, MFA ’13, and Jeff Soyk, MFA ’13, have won a Peabody Award for their critically acclaimed documentary, Hollow, which examines a rural county in West Virginia.


Elaine McMillion, MFA '13, with Ed Shepard, who was interviewed in Hollow. (Courtesy Photo)

Since the interactive, HTML5 documentary was released last year, Hollow has been covered by numerous media outlets, including the New York Times and Filmmaker Magazine.

Hollow examines the high poverty rate of McDowell County, which was once home to booming industry. Hollow’s interactivity allows viewers to connect with people featured in the film and learn more about them.

On the Peabody Award’s website, it called Hollow “experiential aurally and visually.”

“The interactive website lets visitors immerse themselves in the lives of 30 residents of McDowell County,” the statement reads, “an economically stressed, shrinking American community both unique and emblematic.”

McMillion served as director and producer. Soyk worked as co-producer and UI/UX designer and architect.

Learn more about the Peabody Awards.

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