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Student photographer recreates historical women

Photographer Kelsey Davis ’14 has compiled an impressive photo series, 31 Days of Inspirational Women, for her sorority, Sigma Pi Theta, which honors influential women in history.

Each incredibly detailed photo features a female Emerson student modeling as a historic figure—re-creating a famous photograph of that particular icon. The photos were taken in January and February, and one was posted each day of March on the sorority’s Facebook page.

The photos will be on display in a gala in the Beard Room of the Little Building on Tuesday, April 1, from 7:30-10:00 pm.

 “Sigma Pi Theta was founded as a support group for women and to advocate for advancement of women on campus,” Davis said. “It was really important for me to come up with an event which not only helped the sisterhood, but had an outreach to the broader community as well.”

Davis, a Visual and Media Arts student, serves as the sorority’s Herstory chair. She also works as a photographer for Emerson’s Office of Communications and Marketing, which produces news and marketing content for and Expression magazine.

“I thought having a photo campaign would be both a fun and educational way for Sigmas and non-Sigmas to come together and create something wonderful,” Davis said. “We are not raising money or anything—just promoting [and raising] community awareness about women’s history.”

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