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Srinivas keynote at entrepreneurs conference


TulasiTulasi Srinivas, who teaches globalization and anthropology courses as associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies, is the keynote speaker at the Our City Thoughts conference in Miami on February 27.

Our City Thoughts is a nonprofit organization that seeks to give voice to and highlight Miami’s emerging community of startups, entrepreneurs, creators, and thought leaders. The organization aims to change perceptions and refocus attention on a new narrative in Miami, centered on innovation, problem solving, and entrepreneurship. The organization says its mission is to “give voice to, and shine a light on those who are making a difference in the city.”

“[Srinivas’s] work brings together key contemporary concerns of the global political economy, morality, and ethical life,” Our City Thoughts said in a statement. Her research dealing with pluralism, civil society, and cosmopolitan imperatives has been funded by the Pew Foundation and many other educational institutions, including Harvard University, the Center for Religion and World Affairs, and Emerson College.

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