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Berry ’14 returns to LA roots

Erin Berry ’14 grew up near Los Angeles but flew 3,000 miles to Boston to become an Acting major at Emerson College.

“There’s an Emerson mafia in LA,” said Berry, who is from Pasadena. “I knew a bunch of people who went there. So when I was thinking about schools, everyone kept bringing up this one.”

Berry is going back to her roots in 19 days—returning home and becoming one of the first students to move into the new Emerson College Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard—taking with her the theatrical skills she learned from Emerson’s Performing Arts Department.


Erin Berry '14 is one of the first students to attend the new Emerson College Los Angeles, which opens January 12, 2014. (Photo by Michelle Kwong '15)

“I’m so excited to be in that building for the first time because everything’s going to be untouched,” she said. “I feel like everything’s going to be made of gold.”

At Emerson, Berry performed in workshop plays, including the Emerson Stage production Catatonia during her junior year.

“I mean, it’s probably the most professional show I’ll ever do in my career,” she said. “Which means either I’ve peaked or they’re just super-professional here.”

Berry is also active in the comedy world, performing in the campus comedy troupe Stroopwafel, which helped her score a job as a main stage performer for Boston’s Improv Asylum.

“This comedy troupe kind of took me in,” she said. “They were so supportive, and mentored me in the sense that I could make Emerson be whatever I wanted.”

Berry is hoping to use her performance background in search of production internships in Los Angeles. She has been in contact with a major late–night comedy TV show about an internship, and is keeping her fingers crossed.

“I wanted to really experience LA before I decided on what I want to do with the rest of my life,” she said. “[Emerson College Los Angeles] lets you into the industry without dumping you in the deep end too quickly.”

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