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Emerson LA: A media hub

There are only 26 days left until students move into the new Emerson College Los Angeles in Hollywood, where they’ll find state-of-the-art spaces with cutting-edge technology for everything from theater practice to audio and visual production and live video lectures. Students will even order food from the center’s café using a smartphone app. Here’s what else to expect:

1. A Media Hub  

Emerson Los Angeles is a media hub: the entire building has the ability to facilitate any kind of media function. The College is purchasing a slew of top-of-the-line equipment for ELA, including Sony PMWF3 and Sony PMW400 cameras, to help audio and visual students reach their full potential.


A Sony PMW-400 camera

2. Audio Mixing Suite

The audio mixing suite will be optimal for Visual and Media Arts majors’ post-production projects. Similar to the “Mix B” high-end video finishing and sound production room in the Tufte Performance and Production Center in Boston, this suite is being developed with a digital mixing board and Pro Tools 192 system, which will enable students to edit with up to 64 different audio tracks.

3. Distance-Learning Classroom

Distance Learning Room

An artist's rendering of the Distance-Learning Classroom.

This room gives classes the opportunity to video chat with up to four different sources at the same time, allowing students to speak with people all around the world.

This is a perfect space for direct access between Emerson’s East and West Coast campuses, allowing for live broadcasts and inter-classroom connections. If there is ever a guest lecture or special event happening on either campus, all students will have the opportunity to participate.

4. Executive Screening Room

Under development is the Executive Screening Room, which will include a 4K-resolution projector in this mini-movie theater.

Executive Screening Room

An artist's rendering of the Executive Screening Room.

5. Practice Rooms and More

The building has two rehearsal and performance studios, both with dressing rooms. These spaces are similar to the ones found in the Paramount Center in Boston.

Also under development are group study rooms, traditional classrooms, and two computer labs.

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