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Acting major excited for Emerson LA

For Acting major Billy Finn ’14, Emerson College Los Angeles has been on his radar since day one.

“LA is one of the things I need to do before I graduate,” he said. “It’s always been part of my overall goal. It worked out and I’m very happy about that.”

Finn, of Remsenburg, New York, will be one of the first students to attend the new Emerson College Los Angeles when it opens in just 33 days on January 12. He’s on the hunt for internships in casting for animated television shows on channels such as Nickelodeon and Disney. And he hopes to work with the voiceover artists.

“I’ve always connected very well with younger-audience films,” Finn said. “My movie library on my computer is just chock full.”

“I love The Fox and the Hound more than life itself,” he said.


Billy Finn '14 (Photo by Michelle Kwong '15)

On his foot, he even has a tattoo of the Earth-bending symbol from the animated Nickelodeon show Avatar.

Ted Hewlett, senior artist-in-residence of Emerson’s Performing Arts Department, was Finn’s directed study supervisor last semester. He told Finn about an opportunity to teach fight choreography to elementary school students at the Josiah Quincy Upper School in Boston for their spring play.

Finn worked with them in the weeks leading up to the show, going over armed contact moves and hand-to-hand combat.

“They were like, thank you so much; you helped us immensely with all your work. That’s when I’m most gratified,” he said. “When applying for LA, I thought, this is perfect. I know exactly where I want to go. I want to work with kids, if anything.”

Along with performing on stage, Finn can be found all around Emerson as a part of the Treble Makers a cappella group, the Berserkers Quidditch team, and as a salesperson at the College bookstore.

“I’m really going to miss Boston when I go to LA. Emerson’s become my home,” he said. “But I feel I’ve taken all that I can from Emerson these past few years, and now it’s finally time to put it to the test and work out in LA and see where that takes me.”

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