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Prom dress drive in Piano Row

Support is building for an Emerson student’s effort to hold a high school-style prom for children afflicted with cancer in Boston this spring.

Pamela Mora ’16 is collecting used prom dresses and other attire December 2–6 at the Campus Center Table in Piano Row.

Mora is a volunteer with A Prom to Remember, an organization that throws all-expenses-paid proms for teenagers who have cancer. She attended one of the proms in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the spring of 2012 as a volunteer.



Pamela Mora '16 at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida prom for children with cancer in 2012. (Courtesy Photo)

“It was honestly one of the happiest days of my life,” Mora said. “It was so inspiring to see so many children with an affliction that could bring them down, could make them feel isolated…looking so beautiful and so extroverted, and so happy and excited.”

Mora got involved with the organization after one of her classmates in her hometown of North Palm Beach, Florida, was diagnosed with brain cancer and needed specialized hospitalization in Ohio.

“Kids around Boston can go to the hospitals around here. But many kids [in other parts of the country] can’t even go to high school,” Mora said.

“The prom gives them a sense of normalcy,” she said. “They learn that just because you have cancer doesn’t mean you always have to be sad.”

A Prom to Remember confirmed Mora is in talks with the organization about hosting a prom event in Boston sometime in April.



Attendees at A Prom to Remember's Fort Lauderdale event in 2012. (Courtesy Photo)

She is already getting support after word spread on the Emerson College Parents Facebook page, with several parents pledging to donate prom dresses and attire. Some have said they will send the clothing back with their sons and daughters after Thanksgiving break.

To donate prom clothes, visit the Campus Center Table on Monday and Tuesday, December 2–3, 4:00–8:00 pm; on Wednesday, December 4, 6:00–9:00 pm; and on Thursday and Friday, December 5–6, 4:00–8:00 pm.

You can email Mora at for more information.

Other students involved in the effort include Tyler Jeter ’16, Tyler Hendrickson ’16, Alisa Kalani ’16, Joanna Flaminio ’16, Maureen Corbett ’16, Lea LeBlanc ’17, and Sarah Alli ’16.

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