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Party for international graduate students

IGSO fashion show

Participating in the multicultural fashion show at the IGSO event September 21 were Qi Zhang, MA ’14, Carol Luo, MA ’14, Chen Wan, MA ’15, and Ying Li, MA ’14. (Courtesy Photo)

The recently formed International Graduate Student Organization (IGSO) hosted its Global Party for Emerson graduate students on Saturday, September 21, at the Bordy Theater.

A diverse group of about 100 graduate students attended the event, which was themed around celebrating diverse cultures. Emerson’s student population represents more than 30 countries this year.

The Global Party dinner included Italian pasta, Mexican salad, Swedish meatballs, Japanese sushi, Chinese moon cakes, and Taiwanese milk-tea. Entertainment included a Chinese student playing the pipa (a Chinese musical instrument); a fashion show with models in traditional attire from China, Japan, Taiwan, India, and the United States; and activities such as Indian Mehendi and Chinese calligraphy.

The IGSO faculty advisor is Cathryn Cushner Edelstein, senior scholar-in-residence of the Communication Studies Department.



Emerson graduate students who attended IGSO's Global Party at Bordy Theater on September 21. (Courtesy Photo)


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