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It’s move-in time…

The music is blaring, the cheering is loud, the costumes are wacky, and the good-byes are faster than some parents would like.

It’s move-in time at Emerson, where incoming first-year students are whisked away by upperclass students in butterfly wings, oversized bow ties, rabbit ears, rainbow suspenders, and banana costumes—all while blasting Katy Perry and Britney Spears from stereo speakers.


move in 2

Emerson students help freshmen move into the Paramount Center residence hall in style Monday, August 26, 2013. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

“I love the energy,” said Carolyn Corbett of Billerica, Massachusetts, who dropped off her daughter, Maureen Corbett ’17, at the Paramount Center residence hall on August 26. “I’m so excited for her.”


move in 2

A new student walks out of the Paramount Center residence hall to cheers and song. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

Corbett was one of more than 850 incoming freshmen serenaded by shouting students—“Yay, Maureen! We’re so excited you’re here!”—who placed all of her personal belongings into a cart that was quickly wheeled up to her new residence hall.


move in 3

Ryan Smythe '16 is dressed in a banana costume on Boylston Street. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

The over-the-top move-in tradition is meant to be fun, welcoming, and to display Emerson’s vibrant community. 


move in 4

Danny LeMar '15 helped move students into the Colonial residence halls on Tremont Street. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

But it also serves a practical purpose—getting parents to move their cars off busy downtown Boston streets in less than 10 minutes.


move in 5

Michael Kelly '15, wearing Emerson's purple and gold colors, gives a new student a high-five on Boylston Street as Leigha Morris '15, sporting butterfly wings, cheers on. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

“They made it so easy,” said Jillian Kleiner of Los Angeles, who was greeted by Emerson President Lee Pelton as she dropped off her daughter, Zoe D’Avanzo ’17, outside Piano Row on Boylston Street.


move in 6

Emerson President Lee Pelton shakes hands with Jillian Kleiner, parent of Zoe D'Avanzo '17, outside Piano Row on Boylston Street. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

“It’s so organized. I didn’t expect such a nice experience,” Kleiner said. “It’s very welcoming.”

Pelton stopped by all the residence halls on Monday, giving high-fives, speaking to students and parents, and even helping unload luggage.


move in 7

President Pelton helps students move in. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

The parents of Andrew Allen ’17, of Woburn, Massachusetts, also praised the College’s organization. Allen plans to major in Film Production and is excited about studying in the center of Boston’s Theatre District.


move in 8

Andrew Allen '17 with his parents Amanda and Ken outside the Little Building. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

“I’m looking forward to making new friends, and to study film and maybe learn about radio,” Allen said. “I couldn’t think of any other college I wanted to apply to.”


move in 9

Daniel Houbrick '15 with new student Casey Hudacko '17 and Marlo Jappen '16 outside the Paramount Center. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

There are numerous events for parents and new students throughout the week, including a stand-up comedy show on August 26. Move-in continues through Tuesday, August 27, and an orientation for parents also takes place that day. Pelton plans to meet with students at the Cutler Majestic Theatre on Wednesday, August 28, at 9:45 am.


move in 10

President Pelton with student volunteers on move-in day, August 26, 2013, outside Piano Row on Boylston Street. (Photo by Dan O'Brien)

There is a full schedule of events for new students on

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