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Immigration event now on social media

In light of the extraordinary events of the past few days, Emerson College has cancelled its soapbox event on immigration reform, which had been scheduled for Boston Common on Friday, April 19.

However, the community is encouraged to share their thoughts on immigration reform with one another and members of Congress via Twitter this Friday, April 19, between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM by including @EmersonCollege #iMarch in their tweets.

The College’s participation in the Virtual March on Immigration is organized by the Partnership for a New American Economy, a bipartisan coalition of more than 500 CEOs and mayors making the economic case for sensible immigration reform, and the National Immigration Forum, one of the nation's leading immigration advocacy organizations.

Last month, the presidents of Cornell University, Arizona State University, and Miami Dade College wrote an open letter to more than 1,200 of their fellow education leaders calling on them to stand together on April 19 and address the need for immigration reform by speaking out on their respective campuses. 

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