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24 seniors in Purple Key Leadership Society

Twenty-four seniors have been selected to represent Emerson College in the inaugural membership induction to the 2012–2013 Purple Key Leadership Society.

Recipients of this honor have demonstrated exceptional leadership and service, solid academic achievement, and a commitment to civic engagement. The inductees will be recognized during the Emerson Recognition and Achievement Awards ceremony on Sunday, April 21.

The students who will receive the recognition are: Brian Annis, Alexander Ates, Christopher “Kit” Brown, Lane Brenner, Shanae Burch, Erica Caliendo, Matthew Caruso, Charles Derupe, Olivia DiNucci, Kevin “Iggy” Dwyer, Sarah Dwyer, Caroline Fothergill, Ruby Honerkamp, Faith Howes, Danielle Kushner, Matthew Lowe, Regina Lutskiy, Quinn Marcus, Jenna McPadden, Mady Scolnick, Shannon Sweeny, Isabel Thottam, Mari Watson, and Tau Zaman.

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