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College leaders talk about affordability


College Board seminar members have discussion

Jennifer Porter of Emmanuel College and Kathleen O'Connor of Lasell College participated in the New England Regional Office of the College Board seminar, held at Emerson College on November 14.

The seminar was titled “Who Can Afford College and Who Can Colleges Afford? Seeking Sustainability for Institutions and Families.”More than 50 leaders in college enrollment and finance from numerous New England institutions gathered at Emerson’s Bordy Theater on November 14 for the New England Regional Office of the College Board seminar.

Discussions led by experts examined college affordability from multiple perspectives. The topics included market considerations, college choice, indicators of institutional sustainability, demographic and socioeconomic factors, the perceptions of the middle class toward higher education, and ways to build cost efficiency without raising tuition.

Speakers included Jon McGee, vice president for planning and public affairs at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University; Kim Tuby, vice president and senior credit officer of Moody’s Investors Service; and Chris Farrell, economics editor and commentator for Marketplace Money on American Public Media.

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