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D.C. internship program flourishes

With an election season heating up, students participating in the Washington, D.C. program could not be more excited to be taking advantage of the frenetic pace in our nation’s capitol. Emerson’s Washington, D.C. program has joined the ranks of Emerson’s already distinguished external programs, including Kasteel Well in the Netherlands and Los Angeles. The competitiveness of the program, coupled with its unique format, provides Emerson students a rare opportunity to work with some of the nation’s biggest movers and shakers in governmental, non-governmental, and non-profit agencies.

Since its beginning three years ago, the program has attracted majors from across the campus Students have the opportunity to intern in a number of different exciting locations. Unlike any other external programs offered by Emerson, the D.C. program provides the small group of admitted students with an opportunity to interact and live with students from around the globe. Two Emerson alumni teach a course to the Emerson students, providing an Emerson imprimatur to a national experience. The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars works with students to secure locations that meet their professional (and personal) needs. Whether students are interested in civic engagement, politics, entertainment, public affairs, or social advocacy, a large number of opportunities are available in the Metro D.C.

The students are housed in a state-of-the-art apartment complex, six blocks north of the White House. Over 400 other students from around the world live in the apartments, providing a multi-cultural opportunity unavailable in Boston.

This year, the 20 Emersonians in D.C. are interning in some of the most prestigious locations in our nation’s capitol, including Public Broadcasting, the Peace Corps, Emily’s List, Martha’s Table, the Department of the Interior, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Smithsonian, National Geographic, the Federal Trade Commission, among many other excellent locations. The Washington, D.C. Program Director, Dr. Richard West, visited the group last week and stated that the students are excelling in unimaginable ways: “I am so proud,” West commented, “of all our Emerson ambassadors. They are talented, ambitious, and professional. As I listen to their experiences and stories, I become even more convinced that this program is perfectly aligned with Emerson’s mission of other-centeredness.” West stated that recruitment for the Fall 2013 is underway and if interested students should contact him directly.

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