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Gerzof Richard talks to Globe about Facebook IPO

Adjunct faculty member David Gerzof Richard, who teaches Emerson’s popular social media marketing course, shared his take on Facebook’s stock market debut as a publicly traded company with the Boston Globe this weekend.

Local media regularly tap Gerzof Richard for his social media expertise.

“Facebook now carries a stock market value of $105 billion, greater than that of restaurant giant McDonald’s Corporation,” wrote Globe reporter Hiawatha Bray. “But McDonald’s generated $27 billion in revenue last year, and $5.5 billion in net income. Despite its 900 million users worldwide, Facebook generated just $3.7 billion in revenue — mostly from advertising presented to its online users — last year, and $668 million in net income.”

“We’ll probably see a more advertising-friendly Facebook post-IPO,” Gerzof Richard told the Globe, because there will now be more pressure on Facebook to generate more income per user.

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Gerzof Richard has also become a regular social media expert on WFXT-TV. In May, he talked about the importance of privacy settings on Facebook and about good Twitter accounts to follow.


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