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Expression Magazine now available on iPad

The latest issue of Emerson’s Expression magazine is now available for iPad tablet devices. Readers may download it for free at the Apple Store.

Check out the latest issue of Expression magazine.

Expression is an award-winning, tri-yearly magazine that focuses on the accomplishments of Emerson alumni, faculty, and students. The tablet version of the magazine includes the content from the print magazine, but with more interactivity and video and media content.

“The magazine app brings our content to a new level and offers our readers yet another way to experienece the magazine,” said Rhea Becker, editor of Expression.

Emerson’s director of creative services, Chuck Dunham, designs both the print and digital versions of the magazine. “All the commercial magazines, like Wired and Martha Stewart, are creating magazines for tablets now, so we thought it made sense for Emerson to get involved,” he said.

Subsequent issues of Expression will be available on iPads and additional tablet devices via a free subscription. According to Dunham, the magazine will still be printed for the foreseeable future, because a large number of readers still enjoy reading it in this format.

Expression magazine is also available online.

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