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Faculty music group on Grammy ballot

Emerson adjunct faculty member Mehmet Sanlikol is a member of a musical group whose CD is on the Grammy Awards ballot. His group, DUNYA, is a musicians’ collective based in Boston. Sanlikol teaches World Music and often uses DUNYA CDs and DVDs as part of his curriculum.

A Story of the City: Constantinople, Istanbul was placed on the ballot by a voting member of the Grammys. These ballots are then distributed to the voting membership, who chooses the finalists. Finalists then become nominees for a Grammy.

Adjunct faculty member Mehmet Sanlikol is president of a music collective called DUNYA.

A Story of the City: Constantinople, Istanbul consists of 40 tracks that cover a range of musical styles and periods. Sanlikol describes the CD as “a nice musical story.” To hear tracks for free, visit

DUNYA has played concerts whose themes have ranged from Middle Eastern pop to early European music. It also plays original compositions created by its members. The group’s aim is to invite audiences around the world to experience music and culture in a new way.

“I was, of course, very happy when I heard that we were on the ballot. It would be great if we can become a finalist,” said Sanlikol. “In the end, what matters is that slowly DUNYA’s reputation is growing.”

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