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Phi Alpha Tau welcomes Boston Foundation’s Grogan into brotherhood

phi alpha tau presents boston foundations david grogan with brudnoy award

(From left) Phi Alpha Tau President Patrick Lambert, David Brudnoy Memorial Award Chair Tau Zaman, President Jacqueline Liebergott, Boston Foundation President and CEO Paul Grogan, and Chief of Staff for Massachusetts Senate President Richard Musiol. 

Boston Foundation President and CEO Paul S. Grogan received the David Brudnoy Award from the brothers of Phi Alpha Tau at the 2011 David Brudnoy Memorial Award Ceremony on April 22 in the Iwasaki Library.

Grogan is the fourth recipient of this award, which is given in remembrance of the popular WBZ talk radio show host David Brudnoy, who had a profound impact on the lives of many Phi Alpha Tau brothers. Founded in 1902 by Walter Bradley Tripp to support student-run debates, the Tau brotherhood is Emerson College’s oldest fraternity, and the first professional fraternity in the United States to focus on communicative arts.

“In my point of view, no one is more perfect to receive the Brudnoy Award than Paul Grogan,” said President Jacqueline Liebergott in the opening remarks. 

“In an age that is all too full of cynicism and selfishness, Paul personifies the ideals of optimism, community service, and the community engagement that our society needs so desperately.”

The Boston Foundation is one of Boston’s leading philanthropic organizations. Founded in 1915, it has initiated and participated in many of the past and present challenges facing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including grassroots organization, workforce development, education reform, changes in the criminal justice system, services for the disabled and elderly, anti-discrimination, and equal and affordable housing.

Richard Musiol, chief of staff for the Massachusetts Senate President, gave the keynote address in which he compared Grogan’s leadership of the Boston Foundation with the leadership of Boston mayors Kevin White and Raymond Flynn. “I often thought that people in government should reach out to people like Paul…but he is already driving debate on the challenges we on Beacon Hill and in the Commonwealth are facing right now,” said Musiol. “We don’t have to seek out his wise counsel. More often than not, he is developing research projects and initiatives that drive our debates and help us come up with solutions to some of the challenges that we face.”

Upon receiving the award, Grogan said, “Before today, I thought I had a wonderful connection with Emerson College, but this deepens it for me, and I am so delighted and flattered to have been invited into this brotherhood. I am looking forward to participating in the life of the fraternity and the College itself.”

Past recipients of the David Brudnoy Award are Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Emerson Board of Trustees Chair Peter Meade ’70, and WBZ newscaster Jack Williams.


Photo Credits: David Rosen

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