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Four Emerson Athletes Earn GNAC Weekly Honors

Four Emerson College athletes have been selected by the Great Northeast Athletic Conference in the Conference Weekly Honors program for their play the week ending April 17. Softball players Lynn Herman ’11 (Boca Raton, Fla.) and Kelsey Tuthill ’12 (Middlefield, Conn.) were selected the Player and Pitcher of the Week respectively, James Sullivan ’14 (Medfield, Mass.) was the Baseball Rookie of the Week, and Chelsea Phillips ’14 (Waterford, Conn.) was the Women’s Lacrosse Rookie of the Week.

Lynn Herman '11 was selected Player of the Week.

Herman and Tuthill led Emerson to six wins during the week as the Lions recaptured first place in the GNAC standings. Herman, an outfielder and designated hitter, hit .643 for the week. She was 4-6 with runners in scoring position and five of her seven RBI came when there were two outs. She advanced runners in eight of 11 opportunities (.727).

kelsey tuthill ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''12 was selected pitcher of the week by gmac

Kelsey Tuthill '12 was selected Picture of the Week. 

Tuthill was dominant during the week striking out 29 of the 39 batters she faced (74%) and not allowing a run. She averaged 1.93 strikeouts per inning, and gave up only six hits in three wins. Tuthill also batted .444 for the week with a triple and five RBI.

james sullivan ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''14 was named baseball rookie of the week by gmac

James Sullivan '14 was selected Baseball Rookie of the Week. 

Sullivan has solidified Emerson’s centerfield position. In four games, Sullivan led the Lions in hitting with a .429 batting average. He scored two runs and drove in another. He was 2-3 with runners in scoring position and advanced runners in four of eight opportunities. Sullivan also played an errorless centerfield with five putouts and an assist.

Chelsea Phillips ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''14 was selected womens lacrosse rookie of the week

Chelsea Phillips ’14 was the Women’s Lacrosse Rookie of the Week.

Phillips led Emerson in both goals and total points during the week. She scored nine goals and added an assist for 10 points in two games. The Lions’ scoring leader, Phillips had five goals against St. Joseph’s and four against Lasell. She also tallied three draw controls, two ground balls and caused two turnovers. 85% of her 14 shots for the week were on net.

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