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Emerson’s student-run broadcasts win 19 AP Awards

WERS 88.9 FM, WEBN-TV, and EIV-TV have established themselves as some of the leading college broadcasters in Boston. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Associated Press has honored these media groups with almost 20 awards altogether this year, for work ranging from videography to feature reporting.

Emerson was the only school to receive awards in the television category: six going to Emerson Independent Video (EIV) and six to WEBN. WERS won seven awards in the radio category, more than any other school.

Awards will be presented on April 15, 2011 in Newton, Massachusetts, at the 2011 AP/RTDNA/Emerson College Regional Conference.

students on the set of WEBN

Students on the set of WEBN

The award winners are:


Breaking News (Winchester Flood, Megan Gregg)
Continuing Coverage (Spring Training)
Election Coverage (Beacon Hill & Beyond)
Feature Reporting (The Business of the Oscars)
Hard News Feature (One Nation Rally)
Breaking News Videography (Winchester Flood, Megan Gregg)


Videography (The Heart of the Game)
Investigative Reporting (Dining Dilemma)
Newscast (EIV News Live (at) 9:00)
Sports Program (Boston Marathon Special)
Sports Feature (One Family’s Marathon)
Weather Presentation (EIV News Weather Watch)

WERS (88.9)

Continuing Coverage (2010 Governor’s Race)
Documentary (Alternative Education)
Election Coverage (Election Day Reports)
Feature Reporting (Retail on Black Friday)
Newscast (Dec. 13, 2010)
Public Affairs (Alternative Education)
Use of Sound (Washington 9/11 Memorial)

Photo Credits: Tom Kates Photography

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