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2010 WERS Live Music and Pledge Drive raises $87K

Emerson's commercial-free, student-operated public radio station WERS 88.9 FM raised more than $87,000 this year during its annual Live Music Week and Pledge Drive April 10–18. According to Spring 2010 Program Director Kevin McCaul '10, more than 11,000 people called in or wrote to pledge their support to the station.

“I don't think there's a more gratifying week in the year,” said McCaul. “We hear from listeners all around the world.”

Each spring, WERS invites an array of musicians to play live from its studios on Tremont Street. This year, more than 60 live acts came to play in the studios. Many were local artists such as Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers and One Eskimo.

“It's a demonstration of our dedication to live and local music,” said McCaul. “We play more live music than any other radio station in Boston.”

McCaul said he enjoys the interaction when listeners call in during the Pledge Drive. He explained, “Typically, radio is an anonymous medium. You don't know who's listening or what they think.”

More than 100 students on the WERS staff work long hours during the period leading up to Live Music Week, but McCaul said it's worth it. “Learning how to keep a staff motivated through a pretty intense week is a great skill to have as well.”

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