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Emerson College Launches Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises in Sydney, Australia with International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)

Program Begins in Fall 2021 for Accelerated, 3-year-plus program

Emerson College has announced the launch of a new Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises in Sydney, Australia in partnership with the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) as part of its Global Portals initiative. In this accelerated, intensive 3-year-plus program, students will alternate between the United States (Emerson’s Boston campus and a fall senior semester at Emerson Los Angeles) and Sydney. The program enhances Emerson’s Global Partnerships offerings, which focus on intercontinental education, scholarship, and collaboration.

The application deadline for the new program remains consistent with Emerson’s traditional undergraduate programs, and the first cohort will enroll in summer 2021. The program entails four summers and one traditional semester in Boston, two academic years in Sydney, and a fall semester in Los Angeles. Upon completion, students will earn a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College. The College will offer scholarships and need-based financial aid to qualified students.

“This new degree program and partnership with ICMS further expands Emerson’s footprint as a borderless campus and extends our reach to give us a presence on six continents, offering students an invaluable opportunity to experience their education through a global perspective,” said Lee Pelton, President of Emerson College. “It further establishes Emerson internationally as the premier institution for higher learning for creative leaders in communication, the arts, and the liberal arts.”

According to Raul Reis, dean of Emerson’s School of Communication, the new global program builds upon the highly successful Boston-based Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE) degree, a first-of-its-kind academic program launched four years ago and already one of the highest enrollment degrees in the School. “The new degree adds an international element that will give our students global opportunities and a great competitive edge in the marketplace,” Reis said. The Boston-based BCE program will continue to be offered.

The management-focused partnership with ICMS, a highly-regarded, accredited institution, allows students to explore the fashion, tourism, and hospitality industries at ICMS; study essential business topics such as economics, finance, accounting, international tourism, and event management; and become immersed in the life of companies and organizations within Australia and the U.S. through intensive internship programs. Provost Michaele Whelan emphasized, “Experiential learning through internships in Sydney and LA will give Emerson students a global advantage in forming new networks and gaining international perspectives in business and liberal arts.”

This offering is the latest international program announced as part of the Emerson College Global Partnerships initiative, which includes accelerated 3+1 degree programs and a Global BA degree program in International and Political Communication with Franklin University Switzerland, a Global BFA in Film Art with Paris College of Art, and a 3+1 master’s degree program in Barcelona, Spain.

About Emerson College

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, opposite the historic Boston Common and in the heart of the city’s Theatre District, Emerson College educates individuals who will solve problems and change the world through engaged leadership in communication and the arts, a mission informed by liberal learning. The College has approximately 3,780 undergraduates and 670 graduate students from across the United States and 50 countries. Supported by state-of-the-art facilities and a renowned faculty, students participate in more than 90 student organizations and performance groups. Emerson is known for its experiential learning programs at Emerson Los Angeles, located in Hollywood, and at its 14th-century castle, in the Netherlands. Additionally, there are opportunities to study in Washington, DC, London, China, and the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Greece, France, Ireland, Mexico, Cuba, England, and South Africa. The College has an active network of 51,000+ alumni who hold leadership positions in communication and the arts. For more information, visit


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